GMAT frustration and why not to give up

Gmat quit

Tell yourself this before you quit on the GMAT: It is not an IQ test and you can improve.  All you need is a lot of patience and a good plan. People quit on the GMAT when they set unrealistic goals and compare themselves to others. If you start an …

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Good theory and sailing the GMAT

[fruitful_sep] Like in science, sport or any other field, the GMAT requires a mastery of a specific set of theory in order to do well. Doing well means being flexible enough to apply your knowledge in different scenarios and situations. Consider sailing for example. Imagine that you take your first class one …

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Fixation, Regression and Sub-vocalization

There is no way around it: to improve your GMAT score you must improve your reading comprehension skills. There are three parts in the verbal section of the test: sentence correction, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension. Whether you are an avid or novice reader, going through the verbal section can …

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Reading Comprehension on the Gmat- How fast do you read?

Reading Comprehension on the Gmat

Advanced reading comprehension on the Gmat Verbal is the core skill required for a good verbal score. More than just how fast you read, how well you understand what you have just read is more important. For example, did you need to go back and re-read the first sentence? That would be …

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Exam Pack 2 – Is it really worth your money?

Exam pack 2

Please don’t waste Exam pack 2 The worst thing you can do with the exam pack 2 is take them too soon or too often. When is too soon? Try this quiz and if you don’t get a perfect score then you can still do a lot more before the …

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Gmat Critical Reasoning – How to improve

Gmat Critical Reasoning

To many, Gmat critical reasoning is the hardest section to improve, especially with little time left to prepare. Unlike quant and sentence correction, critical reasoning does not have a set of rules or syllabus you should learn. However, you can improve your performance if you are more process oriented. You should: …

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A good Gmat score: What is required?

Gmat score

For most,  700+ is a good gmat score. So, what is required to achieve that score? Refer to the canvass above as we expand on its different elements and highlight common questions aspiring test takers have, such as: “Why haven’t I improved after months of studying?”, “why can some people achieve a …

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Gmat Quant skills: Rephrasing & deconstructing questions

GMAT Quant skills

Two crucial Gmat quant skills I recommend you begin to develop early in your gmat preparation is rephrasing and deconstructing questions into their individual components. Deconstruction will help you realize the steps you need to take to solve the problem. Rephrasing, when possible, can help you think of the problem …

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