Gmat hacks ? Forget them. Gmat writers are creative. They too read blogs.

The only Gmat hacks you need to know are in fact the ones that the Gmat test makers themselves mention in their Official guide books. A few are: Don’t spend too much time on any one question, if you are struggling guess and move on, read the question carefully and understand what is being asked etc. Very simple stuff really. Like with everything else in life, we forget the importance of keeping it simple and complicate things instead.

Don’t waste your time figuring out how to game the Gmat or researching ways that help you increase your score by 50 points in a few days. That just doesn’t work.

The test makers also read blogs about Gmat hacks

The test makers want to stay in business, so they will always be looking for innovative questions and different approaches to measure your thinking skills. Knowing and plugging in a formula, or copy pasting a specific strategy or a ‘Gmat hack’, will not work for long. It could work for one question, but the test is too versatile to hack or game.

Spend your time on what you should be doing, and that is improving your logical reasoning, critical thinking, and reading comprehension skills. Practice under timed conditions, and learn from your mistakes – this is extremely important. If you do not learn from your mistakes you will not improve.

Direct all your efforts and improvement of your skills towards improving your big picture thinking. This is key. When you read a question, a critical reasoning argument, or a reading comprehension passage, you should always be asking yourself what the point of this piece of information is. This may seem straightforward, but under time pressure, we get distracted by the details – in the case of the Gmat, by numbers, formulas and complicated sentence structure – and forget to focus on the big picture and what the question is asking.

See our About the Gmat to learn more about the test.

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