Should I quit my job to focus on the GMAT?

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Should I quit my job to study for the GMAT?

Should I quit my job and focus on the GMAT for the next 8 months of my life? Gmatbuddy client and MBA hopeful Now this is different from taking 2 or 3 weeks off to zero in on your GMAT chops and get into zen mode as the test day draws near. I am talking about quitting your job and … Read More

Is an MBA worth it? The 3 main benefits

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Is an MBA worth it? Ask someone who has one and they’re likely to inflate its value, ask someone who doesn’t and you’re likely to receive advice against it, perhaps some outright hate. In this post you will learn: The reasons people give for having done an MBA The REAL reasons why they actually did an MBA Main objections to … Read More

MBA application and interview questions (2019)

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MBA application

The MBA application – your toughest hurdle By far, the admissions hurdle is the toughest to overcome on the road to earning an MBA. Including the work you will put in for the GMAT, a good MBA application will on average cost you between 6 to 12 months of preparation if all goes well. There are exceptions but this is … Read More

Why you failed the GMAT – 10000 hours of mastery

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Two points to understand why you failed the GMAT To understand why you failed the GMAT, you must understand two things very well: Mastery What the GMAT is and what it measures Mastery Mastery is a term popularized by Malcolm Gladwell, and very briefly suggests that you must practice a skill for about 10000 hours to master that skill. You … Read More

Gmat reading comprehension – looking for structure

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Gmat reading comprehension is a struggle for many prospective test takers. The GMAT is a test of understanding and inference. That’s it. Every question type reflects that fact. Failure to answer correctly is very often a function of a failure to understand. The “oh!” moments you have when checking answers are a tell sign that you didn’t understand something well. … Read More

Why you’re stuck in GMAT score prison

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GMAT score

There are two main reasons your GMAT score dropped on the retake: A phenomenon and your approach, and the phenomenon applies because of the approach. Reason 1: Regression towards the mean Regression towards the mean is the phenomenon that if a variable was extreme on its first measurement it will probably be close to the average on its second, and … Read More

Gmat anxiety, the lizard brain and common sense

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Gmat anxiety

Gmat anxiety is a main cause of test day under performance. It is common to tell oneself to ‘be less stressed’ or to ‘get over your anxiety’. But, there is little value in forcing yourself to calm down. Over the course of millions of years the human brain evolved into a complex structure capable of high order thinking. But there … Read More