Necessary Assumptions vs. Sufficient Assumptions Necessary Assumptions – Definition Necessary Assumptions – Examples Necessary Assumptions – Discussion Sufficient Assumptions – Definition Sufficient Assumptions – Examples In each of these arguments, the premise leads to a conclusion. The sufficient assumption in each case is the unstated premise that the condition described …

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New GMAT Focus edition | GMAT changes in 2023

new gmat

New GMAT Focus Edition- A new GMAT test? A new GMAT is coming and BIG changes will transform the gmat exam, and some rumors about verbal: Will sentence correction be dropped? A few weeks ago I made #chatgpt take the gmat and it did relatively well, with disparity among the different …

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How is the GMAT scored?

How does the adaptive scoring algorithm determine how the GMAT is scored? How is GMAT scored using the adaptive algorithm? Remember that an adaptive test is a type of assessment that adjusts the difficulty of questions based on the individual’s responses. It uses a scoring algorithm to measure and verify …

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How hard is the gmat

How hard is the gmat To answer the question ‘Is the gmat hard ?’, a little intro first: the official GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is an exam that evaluates a student’s ability to succeed in a graduate business program. MBA programs typically use the GMAT as part of their …

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Why Gmat preparation is hard and how to do it

gmat preparation

This post is about GMAT preparation and a lot more. It’s a post about having the right mindset for learning new life skills. Adopting a positive mindset starts by acknowledging the challenges that are more than just intellectual. In this post I will: Explain why GMAT preparation is hard. Define …

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Should I quit my job to focus on the GMAT?

Should I quit my job to study for the GMAT?

Should I quit my job and focus on the GMAT for the next 8 months of my life? Gmatbuddy client and MBA hopeful Now this is different from taking 2 or 3 weeks off to zero in on your GMAT chops and get into zen mode as the test day …

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Is an MBA worth it? The 3 main benefits

Is an MBA worth it? Ask someone who has one and they’re likely to inflate its value, ask someone who doesn’t and you’re likely to receive advice against it, perhaps some outright hate. In this post you will learn: The reasons people give for having done an MBA The REAL …

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GMAT Percentiles & GMAT Score Chart | GMAT FOCUS Update

gmat score grid

In this post you will learn What GMAT percentiles are How they matter New GMAT Focus percentiles What are GMAT percentiles? Gmat percentiles express your performance in comparison to the pool of all GMAT test takers over the course of three years. For example, if you score 645 on the …

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MBA interview questions (2024)

MBA application

The MBA application – your toughest hurdle By far, the admissions hurdle is the toughest to overcome on the road to earning an MBA. Including the work you will put in for the GMAT, a good MBA application will on average cost you between 6 to 12 months of preparation …

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Why you failed the GMAT – 10000 hours of mastery

Two points to understand why you failed the GMAT To understand why you failed the GMAT, you must understand two things very well: Mastery What the GMAT is and what it measures Mastery Mastery is a term popularized by Malcolm Gladwell, and very briefly suggests that you must practice a …

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