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Many fail to make a big change on their GMAT score because they approach the GMAT as they would an exam that requires memorization.

The GMAT is NOT a test of memory.

It’s a high performance test that measures your reasoning under pressure.

This means that if you are far away form your target GMAT score.

1. You cannot study in a linear fashion and
2. Crash courses and bootcamps will be a waste of time.


Imagine that you don’t speak French.

Will a crash course prepare you for a debate on French T.V. tomorrow?

Notice the word debate.

A debate is LESS about memorizing words now and MORE about how well you have internalised using them.

It’s about creating coherent arguments under pressure.

The GMAT is the debate, and strong performance is:

LESS about the concepts you memorize now and MORE about how well you can use them to make decisions under timed conditions

This is key —> Under TIMED conditions

Most courses fail to help you execute under timed conditions because:
They are one size fits all

DO NOT develop your foundations
DO NOT develop your reasoning
DO NOT prepare you psychologically
DO NOT prepare you to think under pressure

And you will therefore not see big improvements because you:

Did not adapt your reasoning to function under timed conditions.

If you do not change how you think you will not improve your score.

It’s that simple.

To improve your score you need to become a lean mean thinking machine that reasons quickly, explicitly and consistently under timed conditions.

and this is where I come in.

I will help you develop a better thought process to think and solve better under time, all the time, for long periods of time.

The tenets of gmatbuddy are:

Strong foundations
Explicit reasoning
Tough psychological conditioning

With the ultimate purpose of reasoning clearly and explicitly under timed conditions.

This is not easy, and often requires more than one iteration.

There are no tips and tricks that will magically give you a +100 point push.

There are no empty guarantees, just a promise that I will teach you a process that you can follow to improve your reasoning.

What we can do depends on where you are in the preparation process.

Step 1 is to find out how far you are from your target GMAT score. Start here:

The BIG SECRET about the GMAT is that your past has more to do with your score than any GMAT prep course you could take. Take 5 minutes to fill out this form and estimate the time you need to score a 700.


June 27, 2024

I prepare the GMAT exam with Ayham and I couldn't be more grateful for his guidance and support throughout this journey. From the very beginning, he tailored my study plan to fit my unique needs, ensuring that I focused on areas where I needed the most improvement. This personalized approach made a significant difference in my understanding and confidence. What truly sets Ayham apart is his unwavering emotional support. The process of preparing for such a critical exam can be incredibly stressful, but he was always there to provide encouragement and reassurance. His dedication to his students is evident in how accessible he made himself; no matter the time or day, he was always available to answer any questions I had. In addition to his exceptional teaching, Ayham went above and beyond by assisting me with my university applications. He offered advice and guidance throughout the entire admissions process, making it much less daunting. If I ever had to take the GMAT again, I would not hesitate to choose Ayham as my instructor. His expertise, personalized approach, and genuine care for his students make him an outstanding educator. I highly recommend him to anyone preparing for the GMAT!

June 25, 2024

When I first started preparing for the GMAT, I felt completely overwhelmed and unsure of how to achieve the score I needed. I was lost, and the daunting task seemed impossible. That all changed when I found Ayham and his GMAT Buddy platform. From the beginning, Ayham's approach was incredibly personalized. He meticulously assessed my strengths and weaknesses, crafting a study plan that targeted the areas where I needed the most improvement. This tailored strategy made all the difference, transforming what felt like an insurmountable challenge into a manageable and structured process. One of the standout aspects of working with Ayham was his unwavering support. He was always available, promptly responding to my messages and providing extra GMAT questions and information whenever I needed them. His dedication was evident in the additional resources he provided, including videos that clearly explained the resolution of complex problems. These videos were particularly helpful, as they allowed me to understand the underlying concepts and approaches to different types of questions. Ayham's support extended beyond GMAT preparation. He also played a crucial role in my application process. He reviewed my essays with a keen eye, offering insightful feedback that greatly improved the quality of my submissions. Additionally, he provided invaluable tips for my interview process, which helped me feel confident and well-prepared. Throughout this journey, Ayham was not only a knowledgeable professional but also a kind and gentle mentor. His patience and encouragement were instrumental in keeping me motivated and focused on my goals. I cannot recommend Ayham and GMAT Buddy highly enough. His expertise, dedication, and personalized approach made a significant impact on my GMAT preparation and application process. If you're looking for a supportive and effective guide on your GMAT journey, Ayham is the person to turn to.

April 30, 2024

GMAT Buddy really helped me prepare for the exam. Ayham made the material easy to understand, and my overall score improved. I would highly recommend it to anyone studying for the GMAT.

January 30, 2024

Muy buen guía, profesor y apoyo. Sin duda ha sido una gran decisión pedirle soporte para la preparación del GMAT.

January 30, 2024

Ayham is a real GMAT Buddy from start to finish. Not only he delivers a taylor-made advisory service to the specific needs of the student, but he also cares about you and gives you real support in the most difficult moments. He is available virtually 24/7 and quickly responds to important/urgent requirements of the student, which is extremely important during some situations of the MBA application process. As a professional, and as a person, I would like to highlight his kindness, patience, and empathy with the student. In my case, he helped me to improve from an official 580 up to an official 670 on the GMAT, after only 4 months. For me, it was particularly difficult to improve, since I had already exhausted all the official material and mock tests attempts (done them twice) and had no additional official material to practice on. It also was quite harsh for me to keep improving, since I am not a native English speaker and have had little exposure to the language during my whole life, and I needed to completely reconfigure my Verbal Reasoning, how I processed information, and how I read (also poor reading skills). Ayham designed a completely customised strategy for me, which I followed and managed to get the result that I needed. Thank you very much for your support, Ayham. It has been a pleasure. Mario

January 28, 2024

I highly recommend GMAT Buddy. With Ayham’s assistance I was able to improve my GMAT score in short order. His programe is tailored for each student and focuses on your strength and weaknesses, allowing you to focus and organize your time.

December 28, 2023

Exceptional tutor, with a remarkable blend of empathy, precision and generous support.

October 25, 2023

Ayham helped me enormously on my GMAT preparation to pursue my MBA. He is very patient and focuses on your abilities rather than a pre-assembled program. Also, he provides you with tools beyond academics to help you get the best performance possible.

September 1, 2023

Great preparation, tailor made to the student's needs. GMAT Buddy can help students of all levels of expertise ace the GMAT. With one on one lessons to improve test strategies and reasoning, as well as recommended tasks to prepare outside class, GMAT Buddy can really take students to the next level. From my personal experience, I did some initial prep for the GMAT on my own, but it was only after GMAT Buddy that I truly grasped the concepts and jumped to the next level. 100% recommend this

July 2, 2023

Great help for the GMAT prep. Highly reccomend working with Ayham. I contacted him for a last push during my study for the GMAT, and quickly identified my weaknesses to work on! Great experience!

May 6, 2023

Gmatbuddy and Ayham are a must when it comes to GMAT preparation, specially under tight deadlines or if you are struggling with how to prepare it. I got a recommendation from the admission team of the business school I was planning on attending and I am sure that I made the right decision, as I would not have made it without him. Ayham helped me to achieve the score I needed to secure admission and was key to boost my score from 570 to 680 in 3 months, something that I thought could not be possible. He has done so by his unique approach to the exam and his one-on-one sessions. The program and the way you study will be tailored to your specific needs, which I found to be unique compared to other programs. Also, the way the program is taught focuses on strengthen your foundations and the way you approach the exam, not just repeating questions over and over (which you will eventually have to do, of course). Ayham has helped me to think differently, faster, and more efficiently, which really helps to approach the test questions in a more clear and easier way. The method was easy to follow, well-structured and almost fun (as fun as studying for the GMAT can be). It consists in numerous courses and quizzes that cover all topics included on the exam, with detailed presentations and explanatory videos that made my life way easier. You can also track your progress easily and very intuitively to understand what your weak areas are, how long you take per question, and what is the most efficient way of solving them. Furthermore, one-on-one sessions with Ayham are what puts it all together. He is an outstanding teacher, his explanations are clear and concise, technically he is excellent and there is no question he cannot answer. Nevertheless, for me his greatest asset was his ability to motivate you and make you believe that you can achieve your goal, even when you are really struggling and think it is not possible. He is always available, listens, cares and has great emotional intelligence to guide you through the sometimes-painful process of studying for the GMAT. Therefore, for me Ayham does not only prepare you for the GMAT, but also teaches you how to think in a more efficient and clear way. You will not only invest on skills that are valuable to get a great GMAT score, but also on skills that will be key to perform at your highest in business school and at your job. In conclusion, I am very grateful to Ayham and I definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to prepare for the GMAT, as his tailored method and unique counseling will enable you to ace the exam and learn to think differently, faster and more efficiently.

March 4, 2023

Ayham from Gmatbuddy comes highly recommended by both family and friends, and it's not hard to see why. As someone who had been out of the classroom for over seven years, I needed all the help I could get to prepare for the GMAT exam, and Ayham's helpful attitude and availability proved invaluable. What sets Ayham apart is his unique method of preparing for the GMAT exam that delivers significant score improvements in a shorter time frame. The method is easy to follow, not overwhelming, and even enjoyable. However, it's the personal touch and one-on-one sessions with Ayham that truly make the difference. Throughout my preparation process, Ayham was always there for me, regardless of the time zone differences due to my frequent travels. He provided clear explanations to all my doubts, listened to my concerns, and provided much-needed encouragement. I was amazed at how he taught me to approach complex problems with simple solutions, which accelerated my progress significantly. I highly recommend Gmatbuddy and Ayham to anyone looking to prepare for the GMAT exam. Ayham's personalized counseling and unique approach to teaching will give you the ability to see through problems and boost your progress greatly. I'm grateful to Ayham, and I'm not sure I would have made it into an MBA program without his guidance.

June 15, 2022

Regardless your knowledge, bachelor, overall background or time that you need to dedicate to the GMAT, Gmatbuddy led by Ayham is just the perfect and more tailored mentoring programme that you can have in order to stand out and boost your GMAT. In my experience, Ayham has helped me greatly not only to score a better GMAT grade when I was struggling the most but also to learn faster, more efficiently and think differently to face my GMAT and MBA goals in a better way. Ayham is an outstanding professional and person. From a technical perspective he is excellent, he has been mentoring many students all over the world for years and he perfectly knows the best techniques to make sure that you succeed in your goals. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, I believe his greatest asset is his emotional intelligence and empathy towards his students as well as the way of transferring knowledge to others, he understands very well what is your greatest struggle and he tailors the programme to your needs. Additionally, he always gives his best in all his sessions and he is always willing to help more when needed. I recommend Gmatbuddy and Ayham 200%, without them, I would have not made it.

June 1, 2020

I 100% recommend GmatBuddy and Ayham. After 1 year studying a course and on my own, I couldn't reach the level I wanted on the GMAT. Once I started to work with Ayham, he guided me to learn from my mistakes and to focus on my weak areas. He also helped me to develop my skills and to confront the questions with the knoledge I had. He changed my way to approach the exam and made me improve my level. After a tough year, I accomplished to get a 700, and if it weren't for Ayham, I don't think I would have done it.

December 18, 2019

Thank you so much GmatBuddy! Ayham was invaluable in my preparation for GMAT. I had studied really hard for months, but was struggling so much with my anxiety and my head. The problem wasn't that I didn't know the stuff, but that my anxiety would invade my mind while studying. Ayham has great empathy and knows what are the key factors to overcome exam anxiety. He helped me a lot to understand that it's not about the score, but like a tennis match: you just have to focus on each poing, game by game, question by question. With that in mind, I was able to increase 90 points my score, which is what I need to apply to European B Schools. The main difference, is that with so many prep courses to choose from, you don't really know who's actually good or who just wants your money. With Ayham, I felt real support, he was there for me through every question and every concern. Thank you very much Ayham for everything!!

December 6, 2019

I really recommend GMAT Buddy as its impact on your preparation will be invaluable. Have you studied so hard but not improving anymore? That’s where I was but then this great tool came into action. As the most precious secrets, I was told about it by word of mouth (Man, you need to work on marketing!!). Ayham’s job is impressive and unique. Any GMAT prep course is able, with more or less success, to teach you the theory you need for the GMAT but most of the time that is not enough. In order to obtain the results you aim for, the work you need to do is at a much deeper level, in your head! Seems weird to say but it is true. Ayham has great empathy and the priceless ability to understand how your mind reasons and approaches the problems, even just after the introductive session. From there, he will prepare a tailored program in terms of time and preparation level in order to strenghten you weakest points, improve your time management skills, your decision making process but most of all how you tackle the excercises. Moreover, during the sessions and all the time you will be preparing for the test, Ayham will be in close contact in order to keep you motivated and have a clear view of your progression. If this is not enough GMAT Buddy offers in addition to the 1:1 sessions a great platform that will help you to study (or review) the theory you need with interactive courses, slides, videos and specific excercises that will boost your speed on the test. With Ayham’s help I was able to upscale my result from 540 to 680 in less than 5 weeks. To summarize, if you are now approaching the test or you feel stuck with a score that is not enough, trust me, GMAT Buddy is for sure the best resource you can use.

September 20, 2019

Before I met Ayham I took the GMAT once and did not achieve the score I needed to apply to an MBA program. At this time, I knew I needed to look for a GMAT buddy / instructor. A friend of mine recommended that I meet Ayham and give his lessons a try. From the very first day with him, I felt I was improving a lot in both the verbal and quant sections because Ayham teaches you how to efficiently put into practice all the knowledge you have for the test. Ayham makes special emphasis to help you understand what your weaknesses are and how to overcome them, and how to behave in case of crisis. In other words, he teaches you how to do the GMAT properly. He even provided additional tools to practice the verbal section, which in the end, has become one of my strengths on the test. Working with Ayham has been the best decision I’ve made since I’ve been practicing for the test. His motivational talks combined with his absolute mastery of the GMAT were the key to improve my score from 550 to 680 in less than a month.

August 5, 2019

I would strongly recommend GmatBuddy to anyone struggling with GMAT. Ayham was my coach for about 2 months and he not only gave me the necessary tools to improve my score but he also helped me get the motivation and courage to keep trying when I was about to throw in the towel. Without his help I would have not been able to increase my score from 620 to 720, allowing me to get a place and also a scholarship to study in the school I wanted (IESE). The main difference of him compared to other GMAT prep programs is that he is able to identify your strengths so that you can take the most out of them. In my case, I was focusing too much on improving the quant and my score was not improving enough. He suggested me to work on my strength (verbal), of course wile keeping with the quant practice, and thanks to that I ended up getting a 99th percentile in verbal, which increased my overall GMAT by far. To sum up, GmatBuddy is definitely worth it! You you will feel accompanied during the process and you will get the necessary empowerment to master the GMAT!

August 4, 2019

Working with Ayham was a transformational experience. I only enrolled with GmatBuddy for 4 - 6 weeks before I had my GMAT retake and I was at a point where I felt I couldnt make any further improvements but Ayham proved me wrong. I realised a 130 points score increase in the 4 weeks that we worked together. I think the extra personal touch he gives makes all the difference. He does not roll out a one-size-fits-all approach that you would find with other generic programs but tries to understand each candidates weak areas and tailor programs to help address each of them and then he follows up continuously to ensure that the skills learnt are mastered. I struggled a lot with time management and stamina so Ayham taught me how to optimize my time; how to make the best decision on which question to give up and when and how to fight for every question till the very end. His technique of tackling the long verbal passages were very useful and helped me tremendously in increasing my verbal score. The score increase I had was all I needed to get into what I consider the best European MBA program - IESE.

August 2, 2019

I strongly recommend GMATBuddy and I personally felt that the classes I had with Ayham provided huge added value to my GMAT preparation. Through his guidance, I managed to upscale my GMAT result from 690 to 730 (at my first attempt) in just 8 weeks. He also supported me with the essays review during the application processes, that helped me secure a spot in three Top European Business Schools (INSEAD, IESE and IMD). As said above, I would underline 3 key highlights of Ayham's method that really "make a difference": 1) Fully-tailored resolution methods (for real)! While solving math section of GMAT, there is always some problem type that drives you nuts. In my case, even at University, I always struggled to solve permutations/combinations exercises. Ayham proposed me 3 different methods for solving them; one of them was extremely visual and intuitive and definitely helped me in tackling these exercises during GMAT test. 2) Realistic upscale Ayham is extremely meticolous in "upscaling" the preparation and set-up realistic objectives. In my case, we used the first sessions to improve my weak areas and then we moved forward to simulations. In general, he really cares about sthrengthening concepts and methodology at first rather than bumping straightforward to exams simulations (unless time constraints are strictly incompatible with this approach) 3) Psychologic preparation to exam Needless to say, but simulations and real exam are quite different matters. Ayham provided me with effective time management techniques, self-guidance methods for moments in which you literally "get stuck" during the test (it happens way more than I imagined) and several advices for speeding-up resolution of easy questions, in order to tackle the difficult ones. I feel that sessions with him were incredibly better than stremalined in-person/online GMAT courses. Also, I definitely recommend him for bridging the final prepration gaps... The ones that allow a candidate to consistently score 700+ in the test

July 26, 2019

My plan was to get a high or at least good enough GMAT score in order to have a strong application for IESE Business School Full-Time MBA program. I am spanish and with a business background, so due to the fact that the school looks more and more for diversity in all terms I had to make my application outstand a bit to have a chance. Mr. Ayham Shakra helped me increase my GMAT score from 620 to 700 in less than a month. We met in 10 occasions, he helped me understand what areas I needed to work more in, taught me about them and gave me tools and exercises to keep preparing by myself. Not only did he do a great job and very close follow up of my progression, but I would say we also had a good time working together (I hope he could also learn something from me). Ayham Shakra gave me personalized assistance in my preparation, with amazing tips and tricks to help me achieve my objective. Honestly, I did not have my best day at test day because Ayham deserved me to get at least a 730. However, the average at IESE's previous year class had been 680 so that was enough for me to apply. The experience was totally worth it and I did not only achieve the desired objective but also got to know a magnificent proffesional (also ex IESE MBA) and a friend who I keep contact with nowadays, and to whom I believe I owe a lot. In conclusion, Ayham Shakra and the tool he developed, GmatBuddy, are a great way to go. I totally recommend it, very good luck!