New GMAT Focus edition | GMAT changes in 2023

New GMAT Focus Edition- A new GMAT test?

A new GMAT is coming and BIG changes will transform the gmat exam,

and some rumors about verbal:

Will sentence correction be dropped?

A few weeks ago I made #chatgpt take the gmat and it did relatively well, with disparity among the different sections.

My conclusion of the experiment was a prediction that the integrated reasoning be made more important.

Surely the Graduate Management Admission Council™ (GMAC™) had been seeing this coming and their response signals a proactive team and leadership.

The change is certainly driven by competition with the GRE as well.

Here is what GMAC confirmed about the new gmat edition:

1. The 30 minute essay section will be dropped.

2. Shorter quantitative and verbal sections, each section will be 45 minutes long, down from about 1 hour long each.

3. A new Data insights section which I think is an updated and longer version of the integrated reasoning section.

All three sections are going to be 45 minutes long, and the exam will be almost 1 hour shorter than the current version.

As for the rumor:

The gmat™ focus edition will drop sentence correction

That’s right. This new version of the GMAT will not include sentence correction.

I checked on amazon and saw that in the new guides, the sentence correction section is missing.

Since then, presale of the gmat official guide has been removed.

Is this good for non-native English speakers?

Some parts of sentence correction are better acquired than learned in my opinion. This does give native speakers some edge.

So, Is this good news for non-native speakers?


Sentence correction is in fact the easiest section to add points to.

I think the gmat verbal will be therefore harder, but ultimately a better test because higher-order critical reasoning skills and reading comprehension are especially relevant and applicable in the business environment an MBA programs and business schools aim to prepare candidates for.

How mbaadmissions and mba programs will use the scores in rankings will determine whether the gmat will become a ‘harder’ test and hurdle to overcome.

When will this change happen? According to graduate management admission council, change will begin early next year. Perhaps sooner.

At this point, I have more questions than answers, namely, how is the scoring going to change?

What is the structure of the GMAT in 2023

The new structure will have three 45-minute sections that are Data insights, Quantitative reasoning, and Verbal reasoning. The essay section will be dropped.

What is GMAT focus?

It is the new version of the exam that will be launched early next year according to the graduate management admissions council.

Does GMAT syllabus change

Rumor has is that geometry will be dropped from the quant section and sentence correction will be removed from the verbal section.

Will preparation time be shorter?

It really depends on how the scoring algorithm will change, how business schools will use the new scoring in admissions, and how scoring will affect business school rankings.

Should I stop preparing for the GMAT and wait for GMAT focus edition to launch?

If you are trying to meet a deadline during 2023 or have the exam scheduled within the next few months, then continue to prepare for the current version of the exam.

Will it be easier to get a high score on GMAT Focus edition than on the current version of the GMAT?

This really depends on how the scoring algorithm will change and what scores business schools will be looking for. What makes this exam hard is the large pool of candidates. It will always be difficult to score in the top percentiles. Whether that will be necessary depends on how business schools will use the new score.

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