GMAT Quant: The power of visualization

Visualization is a very powerful technique on the Gmat. In another blog, we demonstrate the value of the technique in answering data sufficiency questions. When you present the problem visually, it becomes easier to pan out the possible outcomes, recognize a pattern,  and make less careless mistakes. Particularly in data sufficiency, you can readily view the possible scenarios and quickly determine whether a statement is sufficient or not, if you present the give data in a visual manner.

Before jumping into formulas and calculations, take a moment to understand the problem and try and picture it folding out in your mind.

We can illustrate this with a question. It is not a GMAT question, but a fun riddle that illustrates the utility of the technique very well. You will have to scroll down a bit in order to see the correct answer. Think about it for a bit before you answer. It is a fun question.

Gmat riddle visualization









None. Because the boat rises with the tide.

Perhaps your instinct was to immediately begin calculating, taking care not to make a mistake. Imagine the boat with the ladder, and imagine what happens with the rising tide. The ladder rises, along with the boat.


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