Gmat reading comprehension – looking for structure

Gmat reading comprehension is a struggle for many prospective test takers. The GMAT is a test of understanding and inference. That’s it. Every question type reflects that fact. Failure to answer correctly is very often a function of a failure to understand. The “oh!” moments you have when checking answers …

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Why you’re stuck in GMAT score prison

GMAT score

There are two main reasons your GMAT score dropped on the retake: A phenomenon and your approach, and the phenomenon applies because of the approach. Reason 1: Regression towards the mean Regression towards the mean is the phenomenon that if a variable was extreme on its first measurement it will …

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Andre Agassi, Boris Becker, and the GMAT

Gmat problem solving

The first 20 seconds of this video tell you everything you need to know to beat the GMAT and to beat anything in life really: Problem Solving. How do you solve problems? You draw in information from your surroundings. Anything and everything available in your surroundings to understand problems you …

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Can Chomsky help with GMAT grammar?

GMAT grammar noam chomsky

In his “Origins of Speech” (published in the August 2016 issue of Harper’s magazine), Tom Wolfe harshly critiques a pillar of prevalent linguistic theory: That grammar is universal, and that the differences in grammar between languages are not structural, but only variants that build on an innate faculty. According to “universal …

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The coolest concept you can learn for the GMAT

Weighted average GMAT

But first, try solving this question: If you mix a 200 liter solution of 7% alcohol and a 300 liter solution of 12% alcohol, what is the resulting concentration? A. 6 % B. 6.5% C. 8% D. 10% E. 12.5% Think about it before you scroll down This is a …

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Understanding and rephrasing GMAT problems

GMAT rephrasing problems

There are 84 people on a tour bus. What’s the probability that an adult is wearing sunglasses? (1) There are 30 people wearing sunglasses. (2) Two thirds of the people are adults. What questions are really about: Understanding and rephrasing You may be surprised to know that the most important …

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GMAT frustration and why not to give up

Gmat quit

Tell yourself this before you quit on the GMAT: It is not an IQ test and you can improve.  All you need is a lot of patience and a good plan. People quit on the GMAT when they set unrealistic goals and compare themselves to others. If you start an …

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