Gmat Quant – Paint a clear picture

Gmat quant

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so goes the saying. That cannot be more true on the Gmat. Remember that on average, you have 2 min per Gmat Quant question, and just under 2 min per Verbal question. You do not have time to waste, and you must …

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Learn from your mistakes during your Gmat practice

Gmat practice

Perhaps that is the best piece of advice you can follow during your Gmat practice. Quality is more important than quantity. To improve, you must review your mistakes during your preparation. If you are stuck in Gmat limbo and not improving, then you are probably not learning from your mistakes. You …

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GMAT Quant: The power of visualization

Gmat Big Picture

Visualization is a very powerful technique on the Gmat. In another blog, we demonstrate the value of the technique in answering data sufficiency questions. When you present the problem visually, it becomes easier to pan out the possible outcomes, recognize a pattern,  and make less careless mistakes. Particularly in data …

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Gmat Data Sufficiency – Seeing the Big Picture

Gmat Data Sufficiency

Gmat Data sufficiency is annoying to many students because of its unfamiliar format. In exams, we are used to being directly asked what to do. For example, solve for x, or find the Area. It is a direct order. However, there is some uncertainty with Data Sufficiency that can be …

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How to prepare for the GMAT

Gmat prep

A GMAT prep plan involves a journey that challenges many. Why? It is a difficult test in that it has an unusual format compared to most other tests you have had. There are many Gmat prep materials available to choose from. Where do you start? It tests skills that are …

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